About Us

Intelligence Forums aims to connect the North and South of Britain through a series of talks and forums in Leeds, Bristol, Solihull, Birmingham and London; featuring a variety of speakers from the field of Politics, Economics and Business (PEB Initiative).

We promote thoughtful discourse, debate and a respect for counter views, as well as providing informed views on any given topic.

Meetings are hosted by prominent finance houses, banks, law firms and other professional service firms.

For further information, membership enquires and to RSVP please contact:


Harry Corbett, Founder Director


+44 (0)7939 540 864


Harry Corbett

In 2008, as the worst financial crisis in eighty years took hold, Harry convened a meeting with a small number of  experts to discuss, in simple terms, exactly how the financial system in the West had failed to see the crisis coming. He wondered whether regular meetings of this type might, in a small way, help communication between professionals in a wide range of City organisations. In 2009 Intelligence Forums was founded as a networking group and meetings with keynote speakers were arranged throughout the year. The aim is to bring together dynamic thinkers so that they can find common ground.



Derek Kinchington

Derek was the first member of Intelligence Forums and has helped in all the new initiatives that IF has started. He was at the first London, Birmingham and New York events and joined Harry to help develop Intelligence Forums in Liverpool. Derek studied for his doctorate in Cell Biology at King’s College, London. From the early eighties he began his research to discover novel anti-HIV drugs at St. Mary’s and St Bartholomew’s Medical Schools. He was an editor of the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. In 2014 he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists on the basis of his published works.



Lindsay Dewar


Lindsay is Head of Logistics for Intelligence Forums. Her background is in the art market, where she consults for varying businesses providing research and operations expertise.