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Alexander Kemmis Betty, The South West (Bristol & Bath): An entrepreneurial risk?

Intelligence Forums South West is growing slowly but surely thanks to the support of some fantastic local companies


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Carmela Corbett, Women in the Arts: Where are we today? What have we achieved & how much is left to do?

“For the Suffragettes ‘Deeds Not Words’ was a demand for action, not just placating promises of equality in due course. The slogan remains a powerful rallying cry. We need to look back to better understand where we are going – and then we need to keep making waves.” Helen Pankhurst, Deeds Not Words, 2018.   2018 […]


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Colin Saville, Resisters are doing it for themselves

The music industry, like many business sectors, remains dominated by large corporates. As a result popular styles of music, and the messages contained in lyrics, are largely controlled by the broadcasting and media conglomerates who decide which styles and artists will benefit from mass exposure to the public. However, for the first time since possibly […]


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Thalis Vlachos, Do employees lose their bonuses when sacked?

The recent claim against the AA by its former executive chairman for £225m looks certain to raise interesting issues relating to sacked employees’ bonus and long-term incentive share entitlements. In this blog, I look at the law relating to employee bonuses and long-term share incentive schemes. AA executive chairman Bob Mackenzie was dismissed for gross […]


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Doug Bedford, Protempore Management, A Tweak in Direction – Am I Really Starting Over Again?

Well yes, it really does feel that way currently. Finding clients in my new guise is proving challenging. Protempore Management Ltd was established in 2001 providing professional contracting and interim FD services to sme businesses, specialising in short and long term assignments working on more of a full time basis. So what am I now […]


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Chris Dungworth, Business Doncaster, Presenting Doncaster to Intelligence Forums London

On 19thJuly Scott Cardwell from Doncaster Council and Chris Dungworth from Business Doncaster had the great pleasure of presenting information about Doncaster, South Yorkshire and the development opportunities available for investors. The meeting was highly enjoyable and Scott and Chris were impressed with the warm welcome they received, the enthusiasm from the audience for learning about […]


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Mark Levell, Levells, Making the invisible visible

What I do –   I help businesses and organisations lead from the front, through intelligent creative marketing communications. The pace of change is mind-boggling. And unlocking the power of your brand has never been harder. My role is to really get under the skin of a company, working with the visionaries in defining what […]


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Rupert Wertheimer, Lornham, Comment on Central London market

2017 gave us a perfect storm what with Brexit, the Finance Act, tax changes on investment property and the backlash of a market that had overheated with unsustainable price rises. The consequences were that people sat on their hands to see what would happen. Whilst transactional business remains low, there does now at long last […]


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Paul Lawton, Chat Heroes, A ten year journey nears the end

In September 2018 my ‘recession’ will be ten years old.


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Intelligence Forums and a Few thoughts

The MH17 crash in UKRAINE is a tragic start to the summer. Many thoughts cross one’s mind and some of the following questions remain unanswered.