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February 15, 2016

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Clarmond Wealth

Clarmond Wealth was founded in 2010 by Christopher Andrew. Following 15 years working for a Single Family Office Chris wanted to bring the same level of personalised service and portfolio management to high net worth individuals. In an increasingly more impersonal world Clarmond provides clients with one-on-one interaction, concise reporting and, even more importantly, a continuity or management and personnel.

Clarmond only grows it business through word-of-mouth and through trusted partners such as Intelligence Forums. We have an Advisory Board that includes Jon Hunt, the ex-owner of Foxtons, and Jan Baily, the long-time adviser to the Guinness family. If you would like to leant more about Clarmond please contact Chris Andrew.

Christopher Andrew
Clarmond Wealth Limited
1 Holbein Place
London, SW1W 8NS


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7060 1400
Mobile: +44 (0) 7712 189 979
Email: ca@clarmond.co.uk





We are a Facilities management business covering all areas of the Midlands and South of the UK.

We provide services to sectors including Corporate office space, motor retail showrooms, building services, manufacturing, storage and logistics facilities as well as many sites for the NHS and private healthcare clients.

Fidelis specialise in being able to find efficiencies in current services and assist with the review of those services to deliver an all in one solution across our customer sites where we can.

All of our services include processes and procedures to conform with ISO 9001 standards and we are corporate members of the British Institute of Facilities Managers.

Our services include:

  • Daily Housekeeping and Cleaning services
  • Washrooms and Clinical Waste Installation and Services
  • Health and Safety compliant hand wash and sanitiser installation, products and Services
  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Grounds Maintenance and Pest control
  • Deep Cleaning services and reactive emergency works
  • Caretaking, Security and small property repairs and maintenance

To find out more about us please visit www.fidelisgroup.co.uk and watch this video to see how we look after our customers.




Grant Pearson Brown

We are a specialist spoken and written communication consultancy, founded in 1993 and based in London. We mostly advice top management and public-facing individuals on key presentations, which can include new business opportunities, negotiations and press interviews. We combine science and art to help our clients to be ‘themselves at their best, even in the toughest situations’.







We specialise in clear, concise communication.

Working with marketing teams, key individuals or boardroom, giving focus and direction to your brand.

The range of our work is as diverse as our client base and it’s this variety that fuels our enthusiasm and broadens our knowledge. Nothing is a formula and every brief presents us with an exciting challenge.

We help clients communicate clearly and rise above market clutter, applying logic and strong ideas to offer long-term benefits to all communications, providing ROI through all delivery channels.

Our approach is simple: Deliver the right message, in the right media, to the right audience.

But it’s our ears that really make us stand out.

We use them to understand our clients and the markets in which they operate.

We listen to your aspirations, interpret them, visualise them and create branding and intelligent marketing material, that gives you the competitive edge.

  • Design consultancy founded in 1988
  • Independently owned
  • An established core team providing a dedicated skillset
  • We will challenge you, be pro-active for you and respect you
  • Our clients vary in size but all share a common desire, to be the best in their sector






Located in Marylebone, Central London, Lornham is an independent, well established multi-family Private Office.

Lornham offer a complete range of Private Office and Property solutions delivered with the utmost privacy.  The client is assured peace of mind and receives the best possible outcome from every engagement. Services include:

  • Property Acquisitions
  • Property Management
  • Property Investment & Development
  • Property Concierge

Rupert Wertheimer
Lornham Limited
7 New Quebec Street
London, W1H 7RH


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7724 4777
Mobile: +44 (0) 7966 416 464
Email: rwertheimer@lornham.com




PIB Group

PIB Group is now a significant insurance intermediary group which has created a leading position in the provision of specialist insurance solutions and risk management advice across the UK market. Founded in 2014, PIB Group is backed by investment from The Carlyle Group. PIB Group is growing rapidly, both organically and through acquisition. The group currently has the following primary advisory businesses:

  • PIB Insurance Brokers
  • Cooke & Mason
  • Fish Insurance
  • Channel Insurance Brokers
  • QPI Legal
  • Carmichael & Partners
  • TFP Schemes
  • Thistle Insurance Services
  • DE Ford
  • Franklands Insurance
  • Lorica Insurance

Our businesses operate from a growing network of offices currently in London, the Midlands, Scotland, East Anglia and the South West, as well as Guernsey.

Martin Hall
Head of Leisure
PIB Insurance Brokers
65 Church Street
Birmingham, B3 2DP


Tel: +44 (0) 121 647 7381
Mobile: +44 (0) 7983 135656
Email: Martin.hall@pib-insurance.com




As a form of communication the pen works quietly. It is not intrusive as a mobile phone is where people that use them tend to have to shout, which may be unsettling for those within earshot.

The pen is able to communicate by placing words on paper, that by taking the extra few minutes out of the day, to actually write a hand written letter, achieves the important communication that the receiver of the letter is highly appreciated by the sender of the letter.

This is as opposed to the sending of an email or text that has a tendency to commoditise human relations within a personal or business context. This is especially true when one is on the end of a mammoth commercial email marketing campaign.

The Pen is a great communicator of trust, empathy, consideration, appreciation, pride of presentation, manners and the taking of time for people in business or in a social environment. It works silently and IF in the correct hands is a very effective means of communication.

Should you want to know more about how the pen may assist your business then please contact:


Harrance Courgette
Lindsay Dewar

Lindsay Dewar is the first point of contact
Email: Lindsay@intelligence-forums.com