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Roots of Yggdrasil CIC


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Simon Town is a Director of Roots of Yggdrasil CIC, after 6 months of hard work his company was finally registered in February 2019.

Born in South Yorkshire with his roots in Penistone, Simon had a life-changing experience in January 2008.

On that fateful day, aspiring rugby player Simon survived being crushed by a large scrap metal lorry that collided with a bridge and demolished a 7ft high stonewall trapping him between scrap metal and a collapsed wall. A young girl was also trapped beneath the wall. He managed to ignore excruciating pain of shattered legs, escape the rubble and metal walking to safety on 2 broken legs before calling 999 and directing emergency services to the scene of the incident.
To this day, paramedics don’t know how he survived and raised the alarm so quickly. However, there was a fall-out.

Following the accident, he spent several weeks in hospital and a significant amount of time confined to a wheelchair missing a large amount of school in the build up to his GCSE’s. Using funds from the compensation he attended 6th form at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (QEGS) in Wakefield where they found he was dyslexic after initially failing his AS levels. He then went to Hull University, Scarborough Campus to read Ecology. Sadly his mental health deteriorated and he was unable to graduate and dropped out of university and pursued his love of sports by becoming a Personal Trainer and throwing himself into voluntary work. Yet the accident had left long term physical and mental health issues that continued to take their toll and he experienced a second mental health breakdown in late 2015.

This time it was triggered by a combination of seeing a close friend cope with the suicide of his brother and helping strip out the remains of a house where a father had purposefully burned it down with himself and his children inside it.
Self-medicating with alcohol and cannabis, the low point came when he was arrested for Drug Driving and sentenced to a year’s driving ban and £300 fine in July of 2016.

He used this as a learning curve and began to turn his life around, and returned to university and completed his degree, graduating 1 year later. Again he undertook voluntary work. In January 2018 he stopped drinking and began to take better care of his physical and mental health. On his 27th birthday he returned to personal training with renewed vigour, vowing that he would ensure that others wouldn’t have to suffer alone.

Fast-forward to February 2019, after several months of hard work he has successfully set up his CIC, which has the aim of helping others who need access to affordable exercise classes to cope with a wide range of physical and mental illness. He is currently in the process of seeking funding whilst simultaneously bringing on staff (including his own mother) and establishing his first series of classes within the north Yorkshire area.

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