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Dr Veronica Mas, Becoming relatable through big data

It has been a long way since the times when people used to be employed to simply do data entry. At this point, from scanners and software which can recognised intricate handwriting, users who instinctively feed the system with their likes, dislikes, needs and wants, to satellites, sensors and other measuring devices, the world is being overload with data.
The term big data was coined to refer to the development of new handling, managing, processing and storing techniques for which traditional processing applications could not deal with. Techniques such as sentiment analysis, user behaviour and predictive analytics are only some of the new terminologies that aroused from this data revolution.
Yet, they were businesses who coined one of the most important terms in the field of big data and who gave life to a new era, the era of data monetisation. Data is not seen any more as internal information that need to be handled with but more as a collective knowledge from which we can all benefit.
Becoming relatable through big data is a concept which intends to provide businesses with the necessary analytics techniques and information required to make companies more efficient by becoming relatable in the two senses of the word. Not only by being able to correlate important variables such as costs, efficiency, sales; but also learning to prioritise those variables to make clients costumers, users, and consumers feel that they relate to your business in the most human sense of the word, that is to become important, significant. To be relatable.
The Big Data Corridor and Think Beyond Data are two projects funded by The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) designed to help SMEs businesses innovate in the area of big data.
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